About me

I have a masters in Business Economics and Computer Science. I am CIO on the Danish Forsikringsakademiet since March 2016. I am former Coding Pirate and I am passionate about getting more IT in education early among children and young people.

Since I was a little girl I have been interested in computers. On the left I am sitting by my Amstrad CPC 64! It was quite a nice computer and it had a color screen! It was the counterpart of the commodore 64. I have been programming with my 11 year older brother since I was a very little girl. We used Basic and later Pascal.  I also used to inherit his old computers, among others an old zx81! One of the first pc’s with funny keyboard.

I have since found out the most valuable heritage was not the pc’s themselves but merely the gift that he teached me a lot about computers as the most natural thing in the world. No one ever said to me, that I was awkward being interested in computers, being a girl and all. It was ok for me to spend a lot of time with my pc. I was never told to rather play with dolls or dress as a princess. For that I am grateful 😀

Here I am as a programmer in TDC – the big Danish Telco. I worked there for 18 years and hat quite a great time. It is quite funny being a programmer. It is a very creative profession and few things feels as great as when you finally fix a bug or crack a hard coding challenge! Besides being a programmer I also became team lead and later manager. Being a manager was a welcoming challenge and I underwent quite a lot of personal development in the process. Being a good leader, you need to know yourself and where your strenghts and weaknesses are.

I get energized passing my knowledge on and hopefully inspring other people, which is why I enjoy speaking in public.

Here I am giving a speach about leadership in IT People Denmark:

I am 42 years old and married to Kristian. Together we have two great boys age 9 and 13. We live a little outside of Copenhagen. I spend a lot of my sparetime running and staying in shape. I love spending time in nature and I very much enjoy running in the woods in my neighbourhood. I also swim year round in the local viking club 🙂