8 things I’ve learned about success

1. Get energized!

Get up and get started even, and in fact, especially when you don’t feel like it! At least for me, it is best to get out and be active. Nature has a soothing effect on my soul and I can almost feel how I am refilled in every way, as I take in nature and feel how every part of my body is being used. I have been running for a few years now and I must admit that the joy has only grown, as Ive gotten in better shape. Being successful requires a certain amount of energy and its also much easier to be enthusiastic and positive; eg a person, that other people would like to be around.

2. Be grateful

Find things to feel grateful for and dwell on them! Even if they seem hard to find, there is almost always something great in most situations. You decide for yourself what to focus on, and focusing on what works or even what shines, will make a huge difference in how you will feel and what you can overcome.

3. Think about your long term goal

Think about your long term goal and how proud you will be when you accomplish it. This is what I thought about, as I ran my first marathon in Berlin a few years back; as everything hurts and you feel like giving up, it helps to think positively on what a great meal and a large beer you can have, when you are done. The feeling of being proud lasts so much longer than the pain does.

4. Take responsibility

You are always in control of your action! No one else can make you feel bad. You are not able to control how other people act. You are though always responsible for how you respond! An important life lesson is learning that you shouldn’t take it personal when other people tells you something or react in a certain way. Whatever the other person says, belong to that person, and you cannot be sure, that you interpret what is being said, the way it is supposed to be understood.

5 Focus

Focus! It is actually possible to learn a new skill or a new language in just a few months if you focus! So many people waste tons of hours watching TV and browsing the internet for news following one link after another or wasting precious time on browsing Facebook and other social media. I myself have a twelve month plan with 12 different subjects I will focus on. Among other things I will check into learning Italian, Spanish, Japanese, learning more about Machine Learning and Deep Learning, get to play the piano and write a novel. So not too much time for watching TV anyways 🙂

6 Know yourself

Know what you want and what you do not want! So often we go about doing things we think others expect of us. If you find yourself irritable or having very low energy – try to do the opposite of what you are doing right now! Your energy level is often a good indication of what you sincerely do and do not like to do. In order to get to know yourself, you need to spend time with yourself and maybe schedule some alone dates. A few years back I wasn’t feeling all that good and I discovered that I am introvert, needing to spend time alone in order to get refueled with energy. I also need time everyday to reflect on how my day was and what learnings I take with me from the experiences I had on that specific day. Thinking about it, there is almost always something you can learn. I keep a diary to keep track on what makes an impact on me and how my energy level is. I can really recommend keeping a diary, as it also works as a kind of parking lot, for things you don’t benefit from wasting more time and energy on as well as making you capable of making smarter decisions in the future.

7 Laugh at the situation!

Although in some situations this may sound ludicrous, it is very often a good idea, not to take yourself or your situation too seriously! Sometimes pushing yourself to see the fun in the situation, makes it easier to see the opportunities for a resolution and just makes the situation brighter 🙂 This is still something I myself am trying to get better at. Most often it is possible to find the one good thing in what seems to be a bad situation.

8 be kind to other people

This is my last point! The way you treat others is a reflection of yourself. I am very inspired by Brendon Burchard. As he says in this video: Reaching for Greatness , and I totally agree: A lot of people are not reaching their full potential, because they are quickly judgmental, they are short with other people, they are impatient and looking for what other people are doing wrong.

Helping others, treating people with respect and being caring is so important. It is only through others that you can be defined as great! You are not great, if it is only yourself who thinks of you as great!